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Chris K. Caldwell:
The PrimePages
Top 20 Prime Page
The Nth Prime Page
Smallest Titanics of Special Forms

Jens Kruse Andersen:
Largest Known Simultaneous Primes
The Largest Known Primes in CPAP's
Primes in Arithmetic Progression
Largest Consecutive Factorizations

Jens Kruse Andersen (duplication page for updates by Norman Luhn)
prime records - main page

Dirk Augustin, hosted by Jens Kruse Andersen:
Cunningham Chain records

N.J. A. Sloane:
The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Thomas J Engelsma :
Permissible Patterns

Robin Whitty:
Theorem of the Day

Dr. Minh. L. Perez Press:

Henri Lifchitz & Renaud Lifchitz:
Largest Known PRPs

Patrick De Geest:
World!Of Numbers

Constellation Explorer

Steffen Polster: (german):
Mathematik alpha

Makoto Kamada:
Factorization of 11...11 (Repunit)

Markus Tervooren:
Data Base of Factors (

Matthew C. Anderson, hosted by Norman Luhn:
Prime Constellations Page

Blog of Matthew C. Anderson on

Julius Schön , hosted by Norman Luhn:
(Prime Tuplet 6,5,4,3,Cousin Database)